Labour – A Return to Power?

Recently, the polls have shown that if an election were called tomorrow Labour would edge home with a majority of around 40. Whilst it is important to remember that an opinion poll is a snapshot of the present and not a prediction of the future, eight months away from the General Election, there is a strong possibility that Labour will return to power, either as a single-party government or part of a coalition.

This week the Labour Party gathers in Manchester for its autumn party conference. It is expected that a number of key policies will be unveiled, painting a picture of how Ed Miliband hopes to convince the public that he should be leading the country. A number of documents have already been published, interviews given and speeches made, so some pieces of the puzzle are already in place.

In this document, our public affairs team explores how Labour’s programme for government is coming together and what we can expect from Prime Minister Miliband, should Labour return to power.

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